A Radio With Guts- Beat Heart Sweet Stereo (CD)

Non-stop emotional turmoil in an easy to swallow pill. Hooks and heart ache galore. Brandon Tussey (guitar and vocals) bares his soul and gives the listener a peak at his inner most fears and heartache. It's like reading a diary with a 4/4 beat. Don't call it emo. Don't call it pop punk. Call it what it is, real emotion played really catchy.

1. Tragic Music
2. Bloodletter
3. Whiskey Dawn
4. Werewolf Weather
5. Hey Boss
6. Another Night In the House
of Suicide
  7. Math and the Mocking Moon
8. Eighteen Alive
9. Blue Grey Smoke
10. Kentucky Straight Razor
11. Gone
12. Fatal Fatigue


A Radio With Guts- Acoustic (CD)

This band features a member of the Connie Dungs. Stripped down versions of both old Connie Dungs songs and A Radio With Guts material.

1. Werewolf Weather
2. Pink Ink
3. Eighteen Alive
4. Shit
5. Too Cruel
6. Kiss the Bottle
7. Rollercoaster
8. Alarma
9. Captured
10. Spiders Across the Stars
11. The Whole Enormous Sadness Of A Shirt


12. Ten Shot Farewell
13. Blue Grey Smoke
14. Kentucky Straight Razor
15. Driving on Neptune
16. Math and the Mocking Moon
17. Tragic Music
18. Fatal Fatigue
19. Fear of Abandonment
20. Turntable
21. Weep
22. Gone

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