The AV Club’s self titled debut is a catchy, high volume, rock album. Reviewers will see the album as a return to the glory days of power/pop; pop rock which doesn’t need to rely on
gimmicks or dumb down its presentation. The AV Club combines elements of alt-country, punk, and indie rock, making the album difficult to pigeonhole and impossible to write-off.

Aaron’s singer/songwriter style is honest and unpretentious. He manages to take his taste for country and
folk and turn it on its head, creating songs that are both soulful and stadium-rock appropriate. Jens adds to the sound by creating a thundercloud of precise, hard hitting drumming that doesn’t hold anything back. His hard rock/metal influences are a perfect complement. Finally, Jon’s pedigree from the punk underground brings an indie ethos, focusing the band’s energy and providing a driving rhythmic accompaniment.


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