The AV Club - Self-Titled (CD)

The AV Club's self titled debut is a genuine kick in the ass- a merciless collection of memorable power/pop. Everyone that has listened to this band, either live or through coveted demo tracks, has become enamored of their stripped down and honest sound. The AV Club's songs fall under the almost forgotten category of well-crafted, American rock and roll. Their songwriting is driven by a single-minded belief that rock music is still an important and powerful force. The AV Club exhibits all the elements missing from modern music; producing smart, earnest, and soulful songs with infectious melodies. One listen and The AV Club's debut album will have you believing in rock and roll-again.

1. Sweethearts at 17
2. Girl From Mars
3. Degrees of Grey
4. Lost My Head
5. Fall Down
6. Midnight Bus
  7. Trouble Girls
8. Without You
9. Everybody Sees My Love
10. Don't Take That Part Of Me
11. Crazy Circles