Egghead -
Would Like A Few Words With You

New York City’s Egghead. wisely broke up in 1998. After a slew of EPs and a hundred plus live shows, they were ready to move on. But the people weren’t. So the band  -- featuring John Ross Bowie on bass and vocals, Mike Faloon on drums and Johnny Reno on guitar and vocals – reunited in Los Angeles to record this past winter. And after 12 long years, the people get their wish. Egghead.’s (first!) full length,Egghead. Would Like A Few Words With You, is available on KnockKnock Records. 14 songs ranging from garage-y horror movie punk (“We Dug It Up”) to anthemic odes to parenthood (“My Daughter”) to obsessive fanboy love (“Stuck Inside A Stuckeys (with Leonard from the Dickies)”) to wry commentary on Hollywood (“My First Action Movie”) make for a dynamic, smartly stupid debut. Finally.
1  Overture          
2  We Dug It Up 
3  My Daughter
4  It's All True
5  Slow News Day
6  My First Action Movie
7  Holy Okatodden 
8  What The Hell Is She Thinking?
9  Thompson is in Trouble
10  Stuck Inside A Stuckeys (with Leonard from the Dickies)
11  Lugers Revenge
12  Becky The Stoic
13  Operation D.A.M.O.C.L.E.S
14  I'm Still Here

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