Even In Blackouts has been thrashing on acoustics for over three years now.  They have released three albums with much critical acclaim.  Even In Blackouts is often quoted as breathing fresh air into a stifling pop punk market, "a band not playing by the numbers."  For playing acoustic guitars their stage energy and intensity is definitely a match for any punk rock band.

Lead by former Screeching Weasel founding member John 'Jughead' Pierson, the band now has an eclectic mix of punk veterans fronted by the fresh new powerful and beautiful voice and face of Lizzie Eldredge.  "Vocalist Lizzie Eldredge leads the way with her luscious voice that will have the indie kids in a tizzy." And the two of them flanked on one side by long time punk rocker Phillip Hill, Teen Idols guitarist and mastermind, Screeching Weasel musician, and also Joe Queers' touring bassist, and flanked on the other by 'Gub' Conway, the gruff guitarist and vocalist of Gear and Ming Chicago and touring bassist for Screeching Weasel during the Wiggle days. On drums we have Dave Trevino, 'The Queers' and 'The Beauties'.

Although Even in Blackouts may be relatively new, their members bring years of experience to the table with the complexity of Zeitgeist's Echo . This will infiltrate the scene as a beautiful and unusual band that listeners of all types just can't help listening to." -Decoy Music

"Don't be fooled by the label "acoustic power-pop" this band may receive from some folks, this is no Avril Lavigne shit." - DCSka.com Review


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