Even In Blackouts- Zeitgeist's Echo (CD)

Even In Blackouts sophomore effort, "Zeitgeist's Echo" continues their carefully crafted sound, their songwriting is honest, playful and expansive. To be quite honest, we feel that this album is simply another chapter in a continually changing story arch. The album has been ably produced by Mass Giorgini, the man who single handedly defined the 90's underground pop sound with Screeching Weasel, the Queers, and the Teen Idols, moreover, "Zeitgeist's Echo" demonstrates Even In Blackouts increasing refinement as they continue to evolve as artists.

1. Unforeseen
2. The Threshold Opening
3. Dear Resonance
4. In A Letter Never Sent
5. If...
6. One Fine Day
7. Quote From a Respected
Smart Ass
8. Schadenfreude
9. Song For Rememberance
  10. The Writer
11. The Threshold Closing
12. Darling You
13. Consequences
14. Curtain Pt. 1
15. Curtain Pt. 2
16. Curtain Pt. 3
17. Heaven


Even In Blackouts- Foreshadows on the Wall (CDEP)

Even in Blackouts' second release, "Foreshadows on the Wall,"(EP) adds to their manifesto of creating acoustic music that is both powerful and melodic. EIB is comprised of the mighty voice of vocalist Lizzie Eldredge, Screeching Weasel co-founder, guitarist, John "Jughead" Pierson, drummer Dan Lumley (Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, Common Rider, The Mopes), and the brothers Lipman - Brad and Dan-E.

1. In A Letter Never Sent
2. Tears of a Clown
3. The Devil's Deed Or No Noose Is Good Noose
4. It's All I Can Do
5. Every Night
6. The Writer