The Kung Fu Monkeys formed in the winter of 1994 when three school chums with second hand instruments and some time on their hands decided to bang out songs when the waves were low.

Inspired by the bubblegum and beat groups of the 60's (Beach Boys, Herman's Hermits, Archies, Dave Clark Five) and the wild energy of punk (The Ramones, Buzzcocks, thee Milkshakes, Sweet Baby), and fed up with the solipsistic whining of grunge and "alternative" music, the band set out to celebrate the sunnier side of pop and maybe, just maybe, get the kids off their bums and back on the dance floor.

Lack of talent was no hindrance to the group, and soon they were playing sock hops, birthday parties, and bowling alleys in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area of Los Angeles, making a name for themselves as one of the most polite live acts in the city.


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